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Who the heck is Bail Antilles?

Mentioned in the Phantom Menace as a potential future Supreme Chancellor, but I couldn’t find anything about him. So who the heck is he? Some sort of fusion between Wedge and Bail Organa?😂
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Character creator

Do you know of a character creator (not for the actual character, like a head/torso/legs/gear image). I can’t draw to save my life. Even just a list of pictures of different torsos is fine. Btw, I’ve seen the cartoony one that’s already been shared here, I just need something more in-depth.
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Why is is that in the front pages of this wiki, we have a television section, and yet only The Clone Wars and Rebels are in it? Why isn't Resistance, or The Mandolorian, or the untitled Cassian Andor series?
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May the Force be with you, Stan Lee

Stan Lee has just passed away at the age of 95. While he had limited involvement with Marvel's comic book adaptations of Star Wars, he still was paramount to letting those comics be created in the first place.

So even though he's not all that involved with Star Wars, I think we can all still remember him here as well, since Star Wars and Marvel do have a lot of shared history.

Rest in peace and may the Force be with you, Mr. Lee! You were amazing.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee Wookieepedia
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Stan Lee Has Died at 95

Sad news today. Stan Lee, the legendary Marvel superhero creator, died at the age of 95.

Lee was responsible for bringing Star Wars comics to Marvel in the late 1970s. He originally wasn't interested in adapting Star Wars because he thought it'd just be yet another sci-fi movie, but Alec Guinness being in the movie helped persuade him.

That led to an original 10 year run of Star Wars publishing at Marvel, from 1977 to 1987. Star Wars returned home to Marvel in 2015.

We'll miss you, Stan.

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero, Dies at 95
Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero, Dies at 95 The Hollywood Reporter
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Was there good in him?

One of the best things about Darth Vader is that he falls into the " reluctant villain " category and you can see that in almost everything. In the ESB, I am inclined to believe Vader when he said that he wanted to end the destructive conflict and bring peace to the galaxy. In RoTJ, he tells Luke that it's too late for him which kinda implies that he knew deep down the extent of his crimes and maybe has a subconscious sense of remorse over his actions.

In RotS, Vader cries after he kills the separatist leaders on Mustafar, showing his remorse over his actions. But Vader was always tricking himself into believing what he was doing was for the greater good with the casualties being collateral damage. Even in " Lords of the Sith " Vade is shown to believe that the oppression of the sith creates order rather than suffering as Yoda had told him.

Despite his Ruthlessness, I like to think that Vader was never entirely devoid of mercy. A prime example is when he saves the Astrate twin in Darth Vader ( 2015. ) to give her a merciful death despite the fact that she was just trying to kill him minutes ago, all because he understood her pain.

My question here is why did Vader spare Drua in " Lords of the Sith " ? He tells the emperor that she could be useful but could there be more to it? I know that Vader eventually kills the villagers afterwards, but do you think it was implied he was reluctant to kill innocent civilians for no reason?
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All canon Jedi in the first battle of geonosis?

Can you name all canon Jedi in the first battle of geonosis?

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Across the Stars: Williams' Violin Arrangement for Anne-Sophie Mutter
Across the Stars: Williams' Violin Arrangement for Anne-Sophie Mutter YouTube
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Ki adi mundi’s lightsaber blade color

i know that ki adi Munda has both blue and green kybrt crystals in his lightsaber but but i see is a primarily blue blade i only saw green in one quick scene in episode 2 we should make the page say he just has a blue blade and green was green a mistake unless it was blue phase lightsaber?

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What are the administrators called here?

On Wookieepedia they were called the Inquisitors. Same here, or are they just called administrators?
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Fun Fact #7

Kenny Baker, the man inside of R2-D2 had another role in Return of the Jedi, albeit a minor one.

Not only did he control the iconic droid, but he also played Paploo - an ewok on the forest moon. was the ewok who stole the speeder bike bike and rode it through the dense forests of Endor.

May he rest in peace.

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Where is this story going now

Ok so my question is where does the line actually meet the comics and the books?
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I'm new. Please comment on some theories and star wars questions. I'll pick one to cover in my next post. Follow me on drawshow my name is derpydragon
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New solo movie

Why does everyone say that they wrecked the movie?
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Thrawn 3?

I finished Thrawn: Alliances the other day , and I was wondering... will there be a third one? The ending created room for a sequel, but I haven’t seen any news.

WARNING: There may be SPOILERS in the comments.
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Moff Broysc

Who let the escaped Jedi targets to flee Taris before the bombardments? It was all Major Quinn.

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Why Kylo Ren is basically a Sith ;^}

because he has a red light saber. takes inspiration from a sith lord. the knights of ren have basically been abandoned, and it's just easier to call him sith when he inevitably becomes a sith.

this has been your joking post from mal. sorry spooder-man

now I actually want your guys opinion on it

Will Kylo Ren become a Sith
  • Yes, they aren't original enough.
  • No, you're just a stupid canon hater mal, go home!
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Sorry to post 2 things in a row, but this is getting annoying. KYLO REN IS NOT A SITH. He is part of the Order of Ren (that’s why he has “Ren” in his name: it’s like how you have “Darth” in your name if you’re a Sith). Again, KYLO ISN’T A SITH. Just trying to get that out there. 😁

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