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Star Wars: Queen's Shadow announced

E.K. Johnston (author of 'Ahsoka') is writing a new Padmé novel called Queen's Shadow. This is really exciting news! I've wanted to read a Padmé book for a long time.
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^^Seconded, Brandon.

@Rover If you can enjoy a family-oriented film like Toy Story, then you can get a lot of enjoyment out of a YA novel. They’re quick, easy reads, often packed with action and adventure.
^Also seconded. So far I have not disliked a single new canon YA novel, and Lost Stars is for sure my favorite. I do also enjoy some of the adult and "junior" ones too though.

(Granted, I am a young adult, but I read from multiple are groups so I don't think I'm extremely biased)
Love your enthusiasm, Wabble33. Have you read Heir to the Jedi by any chance, though? Because your opinion might change a little, haha.
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Heir_to_the_Jedi is an adult novel published by http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Del_Rey . Shocking, I know.
Heir to the Jedi
Heir to the Jedi Wookieepedia
Man that book really did read as as a YA novel, especially with the first person perspective from Luke. But with all of the complicated details and language incorporated, I guess I shouldn't be surprised it got labelled an "adult" novel. Only piece of the New Canon I would admit to want to not read again.
It wasn't that bad. I wouldn't reread it cover to cover again probably, but I'd certainly pick it up and flick through it reading the good bits for a half hour.

Edit: upon thinking, I probably will reread it cover to cover, maybe next week.
Best bits for me were some of the explanations of hyperspace travel, which came as a nice surprise when I got to finally finish reading it shortly after The Last Jedi ( even though I read it on and off for like two to three years). Other than that, though I didn't really find it compelling other than the sexual tension between Luke and that female character he seemed to want to end up with.
Love all these new book announcements. It’s exciting to see that we’re finally getting some prequel type novels.
To comment about the mini Heir to the Jedi convo, I actually enjoyed that book. It was a nice little Luke adventure & don’t think it’s as bad as the reviews it got. Old Jedi temples on Rodia & brain eating invisible insects? It’s awesome
I read about 2 chapters worth of previews of Heir to the Jedi. Didn't seem too bad but I never read the whole thing.
I had fun reading it, but I understand why others wouldn’t. Get it from your local library and see what you think.
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