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Okanor: "I recognize, from their description, that at least half of these items have been reported stolen. Some have been on wanted lists for years."
Han Solo: "Doesn't surprise me. And you, you'll sell 'em to museums, won't you?"
Okanor: "Most of them, most of them."
Han Solo: "Okay, then, that's good. That's where they should be."
Han Solo, selling stolen items from a private collection to Galidon Okanor[src]
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Granakk was a female Wookiee who was exiled by her species from her homeworld of Kashyyyk. After her banishment from her home planet, Granakk became one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. During her time as a bounty hunter, Granakk traveled the galaxy in a YT-1300 light freighter named Reckoning, which was heavily modified with increased durability, added shields, and improved weaponry. Shunned by other members of her species, she gained fame for the number of bounties that she had killed. Her reputation for killing and disfiguring her prisoners to the point that they could barely be recognized caused some individuals to commit suicide rather than face capture or death at the hands of Granakk, who was also known for relentlessly pursuing her targets. (Read more…)

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