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"Between assassin droids, a Sith Lord who looks like he sleeps with vibroblades, and being target practice for a Republic ship, I was better off in my cell!"
Atton Rand[src]
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Boz was a male Lizling who was the companion of the aggressive Herglic Ry-Kooda by 10 ABY. That year, after the pair learned that the bounty hunter Boba Fett had killed Ry-Kooda's brother, Bar-Kooda, they set out to take vengeance upon Fett and a trio of Hutts who had been involved with the murder—Orko, Gorga, and Anachro. On the planet Skeebo, Boz and his friends caught up with the Hutts and attacked Orko's ship but were shot down in their own ship by the bandit-like Skavers of Skeebo, who had also kidnapped Anachro and were holding the Hutt for ransom.

On the surface, Boz and Ry-Kooda saw Fett, who was aiming to free Anachro from the Skavers' clutches, and they set off after him. However, the bounty hunter defeated Boz's companion by downing the ceiling of a mine on the strongarm, preventing Boz and the Herglic from gaining their revenge. Nevertheless, Boz's companion survived, and the two exacted their revenge on Orko, killing him in his palace on the world of Orkana. Shortly thereafter, a showdown ensued between Boz, Ry-Kooda, Fett, and the two surviving Hutts—a skirmish that saw Fett kill Ry-Kooda, leading Boz to swear to get even with the bounty hunter someday. (Read more…)
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