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"Baby Ludi"'s mother, Jonava Billane with a picture of the disputed Baby Ludi.

The "Baby Ludi" custody case was a dispute between the Jedi Council and Jonava Billane over the custody of Billane's daughter, Jedi youngling Aris-Del Wari, in the months before the Clone Wars.


After a groundquake on Ord Thoden, a team of Jedi rescue workers found a Force-sensitive child named Ludi Billane in the ruins of the Ord Thoden capital, Domitree. Presuming the child's parents to be dead, the Jedi took her and decided to train her in the ways of the Force. However, the girl's mother, Jonava Billane, remained alive. Learning upon recovery that the child had survived, she traveled to Coruscant to seek reunion with her daughter.

The caseEdit

Jonava Billane petitioned to be reunited with her daughter Ludi. However, the Jedi Council rejected her petition arguing that they would not give her back her child—now named "Aris-Del Wari"—because it was too dangerous to release one whose mind had been opened to the Force.

The case went public, gaining Billane many sympathizers throughout the galaxy. She would eventually appear on the Eriadu-based talk show Essence to tell her story. Her particular episode was seen by over 25 billion sentient viewers and garnered her much support. During the show she broke into tears four times, drawing even more sympathy than before. She thanked all her supporters and also revealed that she had authorized a full-length holo feature based on her story.

Billane seemed to eventually lose interest in the case, focusing more on the holo feature that would tell the story of her and "Baby Ludi". When Ludi was moved to the Jedi Training Center on Kamparas, Jonava was too busy reviewing casting auditions for the holo feature to comment on it publicly.


Despite Jovana Billane's loss of interest in favor of the holo, the case of "Baby Ludi" sparked considerable anti-Jedi feelings throughout the galaxy.


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