"As a scavenger, your tools are your life. Here's what's in my satchel: set of Pilex bit drivers, with Wessex and Blissex heads."
―Rey details her scavenging tools in her survival guide[src]

"Blissex-head" bit-drivers were a type of Pilex bit driver which could be used for scavenging. Around thirty years after the Battle of Endor, the scavenger Rey carried a set of Pilex bit drivers including both "Blissex-head" and "Wessex-head" bit-drivers in her satchel of tools while she lived on the planet Jakku. She at some point wrote about these and her other tools in her survival guide.[1] After she fled Jakku with the former First Order stormtrooper Finn and the BB unit BB-8 on the YT-1300 light freighter known as the Millennium Falcon, Rey discovered that the starship's motivator needed repair. While fixing it she had Finn pass her a Pilex driver.[2]

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"Blissex-head" bit drivers first appeared in the film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, which was released in 2015. It was not identified by the film[2] but was named simultaneously in Rey's Survival Guide[1] and Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary,[3] two reference books written by Jason Fry[1] and Pablo Hidalgo[3] respectively for release in conjunction with The Force Awakens. It is unclear which of the two types of bit driver Finn passes Rey onboard the Falcon,[2] but as the visual dictionary shows props for both this article assumes both types were in the film.[3] The "Blissex-head" and "Wessex-head" bit-drivers are a reference to the Blissex-Wessex family, a family of prominent starship designers in the Star Wars Legends continuity.[4]



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