The "Hatchling" maintenance droid was a common zero-G maintenance droid produced by the Verpine Roche company. Based on a very popular line of droids used by the Verpine Hives, the "hatchling" was a single minded, but highly useful droid. Much larger than average maintenance droids, the "hatchling" found its home in busy spaceports and shipyards.

Sporting the common insectile design scheme in use by the Roche company, this six-armed droid was the equivalent of a WED Treadwell in space. Though too large to be a benefit to most light freighter captains, larger ships were known to carry a few outfitted with blasters. These modified drones were sent out with the sole purpose of hunting mynocks feeding off the ship.

StarForge Station, a popular shadowport, was known to have three dozen of these droids in service, repairing ships and performing general maintenance.


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