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This article contains information that originated from an unlicensed Star Wars Legends source.

This article's subject originated in a source that was released outside of the Lucas Licensing process, and its licensing status was never confirmed by Lucasfilm Ltd.

"Mouse" Temple was a small, nervous con artist who was politician Mon Mothma's contact on the planet of Renor, and was supposed to arrange her transport to the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the Outer Rim shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire. Mothma's entourage was captured by Imperial Security Bureau agents, and Mothma herself was taken by Imperial Senator Pel Talon's personal guard. "Mouse" still boarded the ship that was planned to get Mothma to the Outer Rim, the Blackjack, and helped rescue Mothma along with a team of Rebels and the ship's owner, Jax Keyn.


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