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The top five baby names of 22 BBY

A name that was described as "(sharp keening at 85 cycles, followed by five atonal mandible clicks)" was highlighted to be the fifth most popular infant name in a list compiled sometime in the year 22 BBY. The name—along with the names Losibaru, Janara, Barada, and Gaeriel—was listed in a recurring column called "A Closer Look," which was featured in the forty-ninth installment of the CoCo District edition of the HoloNet News's 531st volume.[1]

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"(Sharp keening at 85 cycles, followed by fine atonal mandible clicks)" was listed in a March 28, 2002 sidebar of the HoloNet News website that showcased a selection of the most popular baby names. This feature appeared in the forty-ninth issue of this promotional in-universe tie-in, which was published shortly before the release of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. Unlike the other listed baby names, this name was described as a sequence of sounds.[1]


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