"Oh-eight, I know those dirtbags took you apart, but you're still transmitting. I hope you can hear this. Remain in standby. Divert all extra power to data integrity. We spent two years mapping the Rishi Maze, and I'm not letting pirates take that away."

08-RD, nicknamed oh-eight, was an astromech droid companion of the hyperspace explorer Ziril during the Galactic War. The duo was mapping unexplored space near Rishi Maze using Rishi itself as their resupply point, when 08-RD was stolen and dismantled by the Nova Blades pirate gang. An individual overheard Ziril calling after 08 and retrieved broken pieces of the droid from the pirates. Ziril was thankful and started reassembling her companion, though she estimated th process to take at least two weeks.


Notes and referencesEdit

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