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1 was an XQ3 Platform used by Viraxo Industries. This station stored a large quantity of warheads and repulsors.


The warheads were scheduled to be delivered to a Black Sun Bulk cruiser, the XTS-673, which was escorted by Supa Fighters. However, Rebel pilot Ace Azzameen and his droid MK-09 in the YT-1300 Sabra, along with the freighters of Magnum Group, raided the platform to steal the warheads for the Rebel Alliance, who were suffering from a shortage of missiles.

Azzameen destroyed it along with the defenses and security Razor Fighters, and identified the warheads from the Containers CV. Then container transport group Magnum arrived and stole the warheads so that they could give them to CR90 group Ithor.


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