"I just sold Holshef to a bounty hunter. The hunter will be here in an hour. You're going to take him to your poet friend's latest hideout–Rosey moved him 1044 Chapel–and stay while he collects the bounty. And the next time you think about crossing me, you'll remember what it felt like watching that."
―Yahenna Laxo to Merei Spanjaf[src]

1044 Chapel was a warehouse building in the industrial quarter of Capital City on the planet Lothal on Chapel Street. During an Imperial crackdown, Yahenna Laxo, head of the Gray Syndicate, had Rosey move the poet Holshef to this location. Holshef had been paying Laxo credits to keep him hidden from the Empire, but when Laxo sold him to a bounty hunter, he informed Merei Spanjaf of the location and told her to take bounty hunter there so that he could collect the bounty. Shortly afterward, Laxo was killed in an Imperial raid brought down by Spanjaf.[1]


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