The 105th Stormtrooper Platoon was a platoon that served in the Stormtrooper Corps during the Galactic Civil War. Stationed aboard Starlyte Station, the platoon supported Imperial liaison officer Lieutenant Arissa Fawn.

Brezzic Marr

Brezzic Marr, commanding officer of the 105th Stormtrooper Platoon

Despite its backwater posting, the 105th was outfitted with the standard Stormtrooper platoon complement: a Platoon Commander, Platoon Adjutant / Sergeant Major, four Sergeants, and four squads of eight Stormtroopers with one light repeating blaster each.

Nicknamed "The Emperor's Irregulars", the unit's members were particularly mediocre Stormtroopers, displaying incompetence at almost every opportunity. Only their unswerving loyalty and tight discipline, harshly maintained by Commander Brezzic Marr, commanding officer of the platoon, prevented the unit from being reassigned to swab duty. In fact, under the appropriate circumstances, the unit was capable of displaying creativity and tenacity.

To encourage the creative individuality of his troops, Marr encouraged armor personalization normally banned. Each Stormtrooper wore the 105th's platoon symbol, the cog of the Empire with a series of lightning bolts arcing across it, on their right shoulder.