The 109-Z Armored Cargo Hover was a hovercraft built by Aratech Repulsor Company during the most intense part of the Galactic Civil War. It was made for the Galactic Empire which used it as a transport in areas hazardous to normal repulsorcraft.[1]


Riding on a cushion of air generated by lift engines and contained within a flexible skirt, the 109-Z could operate in environments where repulsorcraft could not, though it was no where near as fast or maneuverable. In appearance it resembled a bulkier, bigger version of the 101-C Hovercraft, though it was less refined in design and missing the the 101-C's turret. Instead it was equipped with a single forward-firing laser cannon, controlled by the craft's pilot, with a maximum range of 200 meters.[1]

Originally the 109-Z was unarmed, dedicated to carrying a large number of personnel and four meteric tons of supplies within its armored hull. However the Empire refused to buy an armored cargo transport without any weapons, and so Arathech was forced to strap on one to meet the requirements. Despite this the 109-Z's weaponry was considered all but useless in a fight, since more likely than not it would be running away from the enemy and so leave them out of the cannon's firing arc. 109-Zs which were expecting to run into trouble were instead escorted by combat-capable hovercraft or modified landspeeders.[1]


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