12-4C-41 or Wuntoo Forcee Forwun was one of the 12-4C-41 traffic control droids which worked in Cloud City as part of Lando Calrissian's automated support structure.


12-4C-41 served as a traffic controller. This droid was one of the few that survived EV-9D9's near-destruction of Cloud City, for she had dismembered a number of them during her rampage.

12-4C-41 managed to discover EV-9D9's data trail out of Cloud City, and spent the next few years tracking her down. He found her in Jabba's Palace, and quickly incapacitated her with four blaster shots. He then removed her abhorrent third optic sensor and her pain-simulator button, depriving EV-9D9 of the sensations of death. He called it "balancing the equation," reminding her that she had disabled many of the 12-series droids on Cloud City. He freed all of EV-9D9's tortured droids, and together they slowly dismantled her until she no longer functioned.