"It's Probe 13-K, sir. One of the models you had specially augmented by the technological section."
―Imperial Comm officer, reporting to Admiral Damon Krell[src]

The 13-K was an Infiltrator probe droid produced in a collaboration between Arakyd Industries and Imperial technicians under Admiral Damon Krell following the Battle of Hoth.


Admiral Krell sent 13-K to take command of a damaged blockade runner in deep space, attaching itself to the main power grid and taking over the ship's automated systems, after killing the entire Rebel crew with it's enhanced weaponry, even going so far as breaking Alliance officer Rad Torlent's neck with one of its manipulator arms.

Luke Skywalker happened upon the ship, and his X-wing was blasted to pieces by the Infiltrator-controlled turrets. Luke was able to eject, and breached the frigate in a life pod. Encountering 13-K, Skywalker realized he could not tamper with the droid, lest he accidentally set it to self-destruct and destroy the entire vessel. In fact, this was exactly what the Infiltrator had been programmed to do—it would self-destruct in the midst of the Rebel Fleet. However, Luke's presence caused the probe droid to alter course, intent on delivering the young Jedi back to Admiral Krell, as Darth Vader had programmed all probots to detain Luke. Luke was able to flee the ship in an escape pod, leaving the frigate on a collision course with Krell's flagship. Upon impact, the frigate's reactor core exploded, taking it, the Star Destroyer, and 13-K with it.