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The 14th Infantry Brigade, also known as Red Tails, was a unit of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

The 14th was first encountered by Omega Squad during their deployment to Haurgab, on the planet Gaftikar. When the commando's mission had been compromised, they requested evac from the 85th Infantry Brigade, also stationed on Haurgab. Failing to make contact, the team then contacted ARC Captain Maze on Coruscant for assistance which later arrived in the form of a 14th Infantry LAAT/i from Neska.

Troopers of the 14th would later join the 85th, as well as the assembled clone commando squads, in small numbers as part of the Haurgab garrison. The poor marksmanship of one of the troopers, combined with the earlier ignorance of Mando'a led to suspicions that the clones of the 14th were created on a world other than Kamino.



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