2-1B/DRX was a 2-1B surgical droid model that was utilized at the EmPal SuRecon center. It was utilized in an attempt to reconstruct Darth Vader after the latter sustained severe injuries in his duel on Mustafar, and was responsible for the development of Darth Vader's life-support armor. It was eventually destroyed when Vader, in a fit of rage and sorrow, used the Force to crush everything within the vicinity of the reconstruction center upon learning of not only his failure to prevent his wife, Padmé's death, but also being directly responsible for it.

Personality and traitsEdit

2-1B's personality was best summed up as being quite unpleasant: The droid frequently made several sarcastic remarks at the expense of his patients. A notable instance of this is when he admits in his log on the reconstruction effort for Darth Vader that he deliberately didn't give reconstructive cosmetic surgery for Darth Vader's face specifically because "It's not like anyone's ever going to see Vader with Vader's mask off."

Behind the scenesEdit

The droid was first seen in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, where it was among the medical droids reconstructing Darth Vader after his injuries on Mustafar, as well as being destroyed in the aftermath from Vader's fury and sorrow.

His character was elaborated on in Daniel Wallace's book Darth Vader: A 3-D Reconstruction Log as one of the in-universe narrators for the book. Partially in order to not make the book seem like another boring log, Wallace wrote the droid to be an unbearable snarker throughout the procedure, although several of his lines ended up cut in the final release. According to his blog, the snarkiness, in addition to piquing the reader's interest, was also intended to have the readers not feel sorry for him when he ended up destroyed by Darth Vader as in the movie. He also based the character's personality on how Scott Chernoff wrote the 2-1B droids in the Star Wars Insider column Ask Two-OneBee.



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