The 222 fishing trawler was a speeder boat built by Ubrikkian Industries.

Although it was already an old model in 529 BBY, Hugo Bartyn bought two hundred units to staff his town, Bartyn's Landing, in Lamaredd. Five centuries after this, many of these trawlers were still operative.


The 222 heavy fishing trawler was a model of speeder boat developed and built by Ubrikkian Industries. As of 529 BBY, it was obsolete and superseded by newer models.[1]

Nonetheless, entrepreneur Hugo Bartyn, who wanted a fleet of fishing trawlers for his newly-formed city Bartyn's Landing in Lamaredd, bought 209 old units, with a heavy discount, from the Hutts. These trawlers became the basis of his business of seafood, Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies, and many of the units survived until 29 BBY—except of course for those having unfortunate encounters with gargantuan predators, saboteurs, etc. Those lost were eventually replaced by other models, particularly in the case of private fishermen not affiliated to Bartyn's venture[1]

Mix Liddell worked in the 222 trawler Swilla.[1] Howe Walwahd, a private fishermen, lost her boat when it was rammed by one of the 222 trawlers.[2]


The 170-meter long trawler, with a forked bow, rested on a pair large pontoons and was propelled by repulsorsails in early models and later repulsorlifts. Onboard processing facilities and ship decks were attended to by 300 sailors. A single pilot, and two engineers operated the ship, and it could transport up to 800 metric tons of cargo. Although stock models were unarmed, the 222's slow speed and large load capacity made it a choice target for pirates, prompting many owners to add defensive weaponry; Bartyn provided his units with turbolaser cannons.[1]



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