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"This next one goes out to the Mud-Jumpers of the 224th, slugging it out on Mimban. Keep your heads down and your seals tight, boys."
―Hologram VJ — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The 224th Imperial Armored Division was an Imperial Army unit in service during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[2] During the Clone Wars, it was known as the 224th Division of the Grand Army of the Republic. A detachment of the 224th Division known as the Mud Jumpers fought on Mimban during the Clone Wars.[3] The division later returned to Mimban as the Empire sought to pacify the world and quell a rebellion that had formed there. Corporal Han Solo was a member of the 224th Imperial Army Division and fought with them on Mimban just before defecting from Imperial service.[2]

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Role and abilityEdit

The 224th Imperial Armored Division had AT-DT in the role of mobile artillery, Y-45 for airborne transport and both Mimban Stormtroopers and Swamp troopers as specialized swap terrain infantry.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The 224th was first mentioned in "Rookies," the fifth episode of the canon animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars' first season,[3] which originally aired on October 24, 2008.[4] It was later depicted as an Imperial military unit in the 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story.[2]



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