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The 2a fission engine or 2a Ion fission engine was a significant product manufactured by Incom Corporation in use by wide variety of governments and private customers.


Incom's ion fission engines were a simple and reliable way to propel modest sized ships like a starfighter, but due to the fission power generator nature of the engine, it used highly radioactive propellants that needed to be cautiously manipulated. Four Incom 2a fission engines usually propelled the Z-95/AF4 Headhunter frame in realspace. One unit was located on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of each wing. In atmosphere, these fission engines worked in conjunction with recessed repulsorlift generators to attain speeds of 1,150 kilometers per hour.


The 2a Fission Engines started production at Incom production lines to equip the last version of the Z-95 Headhunter, the AF4 model.