The 35th Infantry was a Legion of clone troopers that were active in the Clone Wars around 21 BBY.


In 21 BBY, the 35th Infantry were stationed on Qiilura and were tasked with forcefully, but peacefully, evacuating the Human colonists there. They were, at this time, led by General Etain Tur-Mukan and Clone commander CC-3388/0021 "Levet."

When the Human colonists refused to leave at the specified time, General Tur-Mukan and Commander Levet were forced to bring the 35th Infantry down onto the Human colonists. Many casualties were sustained on both sides. Eventually, the native Gurlanins assisted the clones in rooting out the colonists.

With the objective completed, the 35th Infantry moved on to Gaftikar to assist Omega Squad in capturing Eyat. General Tur-Mukan did not accompany them.


The 35th Infantry were equipped with E-Web heavy repeating blasters, AT-TE walkers and LAAT gunships.



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