The 411 Holdout Blaster was a hold-out blaster developed by Czerka Arms.


The 411 was a hold-out blaster manufactured by Czerka Arms. They cost three hundred credits,[3] and weighed half a kilogram. The 411 was fitted with a tighter emitter muzzle for a longer range than standard hold-out blasters,[2] reaching a range of twelve meters.[3] However, the emitter reduced the damage dealt by the blaster.[2]


The 411 was designed by Czerka for use by the Galactic Empire as a hold-out blaster with a relatively long range. During the Galactic Civil War, Alliance to Restore the Republic forces captured the weapon design documents and an entire factory run of the weapon in transit to Coruscant. After this acquisition, the weapon became a favorite of Rebellion espionage agents[2] while undercover.[1] Because of the high-profile nature of the Rebel heist, and the constant rumors that Czerka was in league with the Alliance, Czerka quickly signed an exclusive production contract with the Empire. This agreement was the foundation of Imperial Munitions.[2]


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