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"If you truly believe that the Republic and the Jedi Order are wholly good, and that the Confederacy is wholly evil, then you're even more dangerous than my mistress thinks."
―4A-7, shortly before being beheaded by Ahsoka Tano[src]

4A-7 was a prototype Separatist espionage droid constructed by Arakyd Industries on Mechis III, apparently the predecessor for the RA-7 protocol droid. He had the body of a Cybot Galactica protocol droid and an over-sized head containing surveillance equipment.


"The droids have done their part. Now it's your turn. Be convincing."
"That's my programming, ma'am."
―Asajj Ventress and 4A-7[src]
Ventress 4A7

4A-7 with its mistress, Asajj Ventress, on Teth.

4A-7 was stationed at the B'omarr Monastery on Teth, alongside Asajj Ventress, who considered the droid her only friend. When Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and the clone troopers of Torrent Company arrived at the monastery, 4A-7 claimed he was the caretaker of the structure, and tried to make the two Jedi believe he was grateful.[2]

After a holocam recorded Skywalker and Tano rescuing Rotta the Huttlet, 4A-7 doctored the image so that it made it seem like the two Jedi were kidnapping the baby and planning Jabba the Hutt's assassination. This recording was shown to Jabba by Count Dooku on Tatooine.[2]

4A-7 uncovered

4A-7's treachery is discovered.

When the two Jedi, Rotta, and R2-D2 were preparing to flee Teth aboard the Twilight, 4A-7 appeared at the boarding ramp of the ship. He was decapitated by Tano after he was discovered to be in league with the Confederacy.[2]

The droid was brought back to the Jedi Temple by Ahsoka so information could be retrieved from its memory core. A Jedi Knight was tasked with cracking the droid.[3]



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