5537 was the designation given to an E-2T medical shuttle stationed on the Death Star. It was marked as a non-combat vessel, which ensured that neither the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire would attack it.


During the Battle of Yavin, defectors Villian Dance, Teela Kaarz, Memah Roothes, Celot Ratua Dil and Kornell Divini commandeered the shuttle to escape the Death Star.[1]

Just before the craft got out of range of the station's tractor beams, Darth Vader attempted to stop it in his TIE fighter. However, he sensed the combat in the Death Star's trench was a more pressing matter, and reluctantly broke off pursuit. Vader's pursuit did give the tractor beam technicians enough time to get the tractor beam working again, and they managed to grab the shuttle in a tractor beam. However, within a few short minutes the station was destroyed and the defectors escaped.[1]


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