"It's a Ghtroc 690. Fully restored, working hyperdrive, everything but the laser cannon and the water tanks. Everything else fully operational, Unkar."
―Rey, to Unkar Plutt[src]

The 690 light freighter, also known as the Ghtroc 690, was a model of light freighter manufactured by Ghtroc Industries. The 690 was considered to be a small ship, especially for a freighter. The later model 720 light freighter was scaled up in every respect. In the decades following the Battle of Jakku, a downed 690 light freighter was found by the scavenger Rey on Jakku's surface, and with the help of fellow scavengers Devi and Strunk, she was able to restore the majority of the ship's systems and make it operational again. The three took the freighter to Niima Outpost, where Rey planned to sell it to junk-dealer Unkar Plutt, however after Rey disembarked the ship, Devi and Strunk started the ship's engines back up and left Jakku, leaving Rey without the ship or her payment.[1]

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