6FT-DP was a rust-colored security droid that was manufactured to serve Bioniip Laboratories on Cloud City. Its model was a 6FT-D2. It served primarily as guard of the Bioniip labs. The droid was humanoid in shape, with a flat head and bulky arms to support his powerful, built-in weapons system. The weapons system consisted of a heavy blaster rifle and grenades. The droid also used a rocket pack. When droid X0-X1 took over Cloud City's computer network, he relinquished 6FT-DP from his primary duty and ordered him to protect the system core. 6FT-DP was enthusiastic about his new position upon discovering that many of the overrides in his programming that had kept him from reaching his full potential had been removed by X0-X1.


Notes and referencesEdit

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