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"Hunter killer droid 8-13. Contact established."
―Hunter killer droid 8-13, upon firing at Kyle Katarn[src]

8-13 was a hunter killer droid that, by the year 5 ABY, found its way into the irrigation systems of a homestead located on the moon Sulon. When the homestead was occupied by the forces of the Galactic Empire, 8-13 remained below ground, where it encountered the heir of the homestead, Kyle Katarn, and his farm droid WeeGee. 8-13 attacked the pair, but focused its attacks on WeeGee when the farm droid closed the distance between them. 8-13 was unable to properly battle the distinctly in-Human WeeGee, and the farm droid tore off 8-13's cranial unit.


"Target lock disengaged. Switching to close combatance. Transmit signal backup."
―8-13, shortly before its destruction[src]

8-13[3] was a silver-plated[2] hunter killer droid[3], a type of war droid programmed for fighting against Humans, with a red and green photoreceptor that inhabited the moon Sulon[2] during the year 5 ABY.[1] Outdated by this point, the droid had been programmed to fight Humans. During a melee attack, 8-13 would strike for a Human's vital organs. At some point, the hunter killer droid found its way into the irrigation system underneath the farm of Morgan Katarn, which was under the watch of the Galactic Empire at the time. While alone in an underground tunnel, it sensed the approach of Morgan's son, Kyle Katarn, and the Katarn family droid WeeGee.[2] When the pair neared, 8-13 activated its comlink and fired a blaster shot at Katarn, which missed. WeeGee, in a bid to protect his master, rushed 8-13 and closed the gap between them. As a result, 8-13 deactivated its ranged weapons, and opted to use its melee weapons instead.[3] It was unable to strike any of WeeGee's vital zones, however, as 8-13 attempted to grab at the nonexistent vitals of a Human due to its programming. WeeGee ripped 8-13's head off, removing the war droid as a threat.[2] Afterwards, WeeGee opinioned that 8-13 must have never encountered a heavy duty farm droid before.[3]

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8-13 was first introduced in the 1998 novella Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, which was written by William C. Dietz and illustrated by Ezra Tucker. Although some detail went into the droid's specifications, it was not given a name in the book.[2] 8-13 was identified by name, and as a hunter killer droid, in the Dark Forces: Rebel Agent audio drama, which adapted the novella. The droid's voice actor was not credited.[3]


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