The Adostic Arms 8-gauge scatter gun,[3] also known as the 8-gauge shotgun,[1] was a large bore shotgun that fired small steel pellets. Based on primitive slugthrower technology, the 8-gauge scatter gun boasted stopping power equivalent to a heavy blaster pistol. It was constructed using modern materials and included an integrated recoil system to reduce the weapon's kick when fired.[3] It had a maximum effective range of twenty-five meters,[1] and cost between 500[2] and 550 credits to purchase. It was a favored by smugglers and free-traders because they could use the weapons within the tight confines of a starship's corridors and airlocks without risk of penetrating the hull.[3] The Alliance to Restore the Republic operative Thar'quan carried an 8-gauge scatter gun.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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