87-RM Scout Collectors were droids deployed by an unknown extinct population hundreds of years before the Galactic Civil War to Orellon II. Their base of operation was a fully automated starship.



A Scout Collector working with a Scout Surveyor

Collector droids looked akin to floating boxes. They were two meters tall and were equipped with repulsorlift floaters, two grabbing claws, shields and a flash-freeze unit. Their task was to collect stunned organic lifeforms located by scout droids and bring them back to the base ship.


There were four of them roaming the Orellan jungles. The local Kentra thought they were demons, and when a group of Rebels landed on Orellon II, the Kentra King Jerius sent them to stop the demon threat.

The design was reused for the 87-RM Scout Collectors, repulsorlift-enabled droids resembling three-meter-tall flying garbage bins, produced by Serv-O-Droid, Inc. and later SoroSuub. They were equipped with searchlights and a pair of padded arms. They were used to retrieve biological specimens which then were placed inside a central storage cavity and flash-frozen.

It was said that a malfunctioning Collector once killed 300 colonists on the planet Corva Yag. But many felt that the colonists had stumbled upon a secret Imperial laboratory and were "silenced."

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