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This article is about the capital ship from the Centrality. You may be looking for a giant reptile, the Akorec.

The 891c Akorec-class strike cruiser, simply known as the Akorec strike cruiser, was a small capital ship used by the Centrality during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


Designed by Scillal Designs and named after the akorecs of Trammis III, the ship was armed with twelve laser cannons (six forward-facing, two each to starboard and port, and two rear-facing) and a forward-facing tractor beam projector. Sublight engines were capable of reaching 930 kilometers per hour in atmospheric conditions, and in-space acceleration put the 891c on par with an Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

The 250 meter ship required a crew of 205 and 15 gunners, but could operate with a skeleton crew of seventy. In addition to the requisite crew, the ship could carry 4,000 metric tons of cargo and had capacity for up to 700 beings, most often troops.

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