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"The 908th stopped being one of 'our own' when they decided to go rogue and join Fel."
Gil Cassel[src]

The 908th Stormtrooper Division was a unit of stormtroopers during the Second Imperial Civil War stationed in a fortress on the planet of Borosk in the Outer Rim Territories and under the command of Captain Jared Cassel, a Bastion-born Imperial Army officer. By 137 ABY, the 908th had defected from the Sith Empire to join the Empire-in-exile and were set to arrive on Bastion with Emperor Roan Fel but were stranded when their transport was destroyed.

The 407th Stormtrooper Division, under the command of the Sith Lord Darth Maleval, was sent in to destroy them after Grand Admiral Morlish Veed and the Moff Council decided to preserve their base from aerial bombardment. Though they put up a ferocious resistance, the 908th was wiped out to the last man.

908th HQ L4

908th HQ on Borosk


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