The 93-B Hovercraft, commonly referred to as the 93-B, was a hovercraft built by the Aratech Repulsor Company.


Like all hovercraft the 93-B differed from repulsorcraft in that it rode on a cushion of air, which was created by lift engines and contained within a flexible skirt. While not as fast or maneuverable, hovercraft could handle environments which were hazardous to repulsorlift use.[1]

The 93-B was used by the galaxy's megacorporations and the Galactic Empire to transport personnel and supplies. A two-man crew operated the craft (although a single pilot could manage on their own) in a command compartment separate from the passenger area. Both were independently sealed and pressurized so that a breach in one compartment did not endanger the other.[1]

The hovercraft's skirt was reinforced with thin plates of duralumin, which not only prevented normal tearing but made it resistant to weapons fire. However the 93-B was not meant for actual combat, and while theoretically it could mount weaponry installing the necessary wiring to control it threatened the integrity of the compartments.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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