The 98th Elite Mechanized Assault Group was a battle group used by one of the various warlords during the Imperial Civil War that erupted in the wake of the Galactic Empire's dissolution in 4 ABY. They later saw continued use in the service of the Imperial Remnant against New Republic forces.


The 98th Elite Mechanized Assault Group was outfitted with gray and dark blue-striped century tanks[3]—compact assault vessels consisting of a TIE fighter cockpit linked between two large tank treads. Unofficially called TIE crawlers,[1] these were equipped with upgraded medium blaster cannons and hardpoints for missile launchers.[3] This gave the units of the 98th Elite the capability of delivering greater damage to targets during the Imperial Civil War with better accuracy than the stock century tanks used by the 88th Mechanized Assault Group.[2]


During the dissolution of the former Galactic Empire in 4 ABY,[4] one of the emerging warlords used the 98th Elite's century tanks in their ground assaults.[2][3] Following the Imperial Civil War, the battle group continued to see action in the service of the consolidated Imperial Remnant against the New Republic Army.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

A 98th Elite Mechanized century tank miniature labeled as a "TIE Crawler"—another name for the compact assault vehicle—was featured in the Ground Assault expansion of the Star Wars PocketModel TCG, released November 14, 2007.[2]


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