Ninebeedee was the personal droid of Krynda Draay. It was destroyed by Q'Anilia in 3963 BBY.


After the death of her husband, Barrison Draay, Krynda grew despondent and closed herself off from the world—neglecting her son, Lucien in the process. She left the care of Lucien to 9BD for much of his childhood, until he was old enough to be trained by her retainer Haazen

In 3964 BBY, Krynda suffered a stroke when she saw the First WatchCircle murder their Padawans. Haazen put her in stasis, with all visits to her barred. Lucien tried to enter the Draay Estate before his meeting with the Jedi High Council but he was refused entry into his own house from the droid.

During the events of Vindication, Q'Anilia sliced off 9BD's head while trying to get into Krynda's room.