"It is fairly easy for me to transfer a memnis to another member of the Kla clan or to my father's clan, the A clan."
―Elegos A'Kla[src]

The A was a clan of the Caamasi species and the paternal clan of[1] a New Republic Senator,[2] Elegos A'Kla. A'Kla's father, a member of the A clan, mated with a female of the Kla clan, resulting in his birth.[1] As a result, A'Kla could transfer memnii, important memories experienced by a Caamasi that could be shared with other Caamasi, to members of the A clan with relative ease.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In I, Jedi, a novel by Michael A. Stackpole that was first published in 1998, Elegos A'Kla mentioned his father's clan when speaking with a Human man named Corran Horn.


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