A'kiian "Maleficus" Bloodlight was a pilot who worked for the Black Sun crime syndicate at the time of the Galactic Civil War.

In 1 ABY a spacer found an information storage device in the remains of a destroyed starfighter in the Dantooine system. It contained a private message from Bloodlight to an unknown recipient. In this message, Bloodlight voiced a strong disapproval of an alliance agreement between Black Sun and the Detritus Satellites, a group of sentient Vulture droid scavengers that operated in the Dantooine system. Bloodlight regretted that the agreement included a non-aggression pact, but hoped that it would be possible to destroy a few droid starfighters "under the radar".

Behind the scenesEdit

A'kiian "Maleficus" Bloodlight is the author of a message found on a rare information storage deviced named "A Log" that can be looted from starfighters in the Dantooine system in Star Wars Galaxies.