The A-7 Hunter Interceptor was made by Kuat Drive Yards.[1]


The A-7 Hunter had no hyperdrive, shields, minimal amount of support systems and only two laser cannons. It was similar in most respects to the TIE starfighters, but was more agile, and relatively more expensive.[1]


The A-7 was an update of a line of Kuat fighters, with which they hoped to supply the Galactic Empire with starfighters in addition to Star Destroyers. The initial impression was good, with many officers buying dozens of fighters for use onboard their vessels.[1]

When the TIE/LN starfighter series was selected instead, the A-7 declined in popularity and disappeared from most Imperial units, though some in fringe systems kept them as part of their forces. The fighter was also used by mercenaries and insurgent groups. Although the craft was fast, agile and cheap, it was still more expensive to construct than a TIE, which is probably the reason it was passed over by the Empire.[1]


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