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"A cargo carrier, then. There's one coming now—just behind that Trast speeder truck."
Talon Karrde[src]

Trast Heavy Transports' A-A5 speeder truck was designed to transport heavy cargo across rough worlds, and was covered in armored plates to protect it and its cargo from harsh environmental conditions.


The A-A5 speeder truck was manufactured by Trast Heavy Transports as a repulsorlift long-distance cargo transport.[1] It measured 21.4 meters in length,[2] and consisted of two sections; the cab and the cargo bay.[3] A-A5s had a ground clearance of three meters, and could reach speeds of one hundred and sixty kilometers an hour.[2] A-A5s were covered in armor as strong as some light military vehicles.[3]

The A-A5 only required a single pilot, but the cab had room for a crew of three. This was to allow the crew to alternating driving duties so as to extend the distance the vehicle could travel without stopping.[3] Each cab featured two folding bunks attached to the back wall.[4] An enclosed cargo bay[3] could carry 25,000 kilograms of cargo, as well as twenty-five passengers[1] who were seated on[3] fold-out benches[4] along the top of the bay.[3] A weeks worth of consumables were carried aboard.[4] A-A5s cost between 13,600[2] and 30,500 credits to buy new;[3] used vehicles could retail for anywhere between 7,850[2] and 8,250 credits.[3]


A-A5 truck

A-A5 speeder truck profile view

A-A5 speeder trucks were designed to ferry cargo over long distances through rough terrain, usually among the uncivilized planet of the Outer Rim Territories.[3] Many were modified by militias and insurgents[4] with heavier armor plating to act as armored personnel carriers.[3]

Pg'lax, owner of the Quick Pit docking bay service service at Mos Eisley, used modified A-A5 speeder trucks for his work.[5]

The Alliance to Restore the Republic used speeder trucks like the A-A5 as troop transports. Despite being used as combat vehicles, A-A5s were unarmed, as they were never intended to actually enter a combat zone. Some vehicles, however, "acquired" weapons including blaster rifles, repeating blasters,[1] or grenade launchers[3] hand-mounted to the body by the crews. The practice was disliked by Alliance High Command as they felt that such actions resulted in the crews taking risks they should not.[1]



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