"I am a bomb. Unauthorized access, manipulation, or interference with me or my programming, data storage modules, or other systems will result in detonation of four point two kilos of plitex nine explosive.…I have identified a class three threat and in accordance with my programming am taking appropriate action. Detonation sequence activated. Countdown initiated."
―A-Cee's self-destruct sequence — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

A-Cee was a protocol droid belonging to Candice Ondi before her death at the G-Tap on Sulon. He was chrome plated, had one of his photoreceptors replaced with a zoom lens, was equipped to record a thousand hours of audio and video, but could only speak "dozens" of languages. He was programmed to explode if capture by the Galactic Empire seemed imminent.


After the Imperial assault on Sulon, A-Cee came in to the possession of Jan Ors. It was his recording of the Imperials' staged Rebel assault along with images of the beheaded Morgan Katarn that convinced Morgan's son Kyle to join the Rebellion. When Kyle Katarn first visited Jan Ors' room onboard the Star of Empire—clad in an Imperial officer's uniform—A-Cee perceived a class three threat and initiated his self-destruct sequence. With seconds remaining before the droid exploded, Ors overrode the subroutine—"Override code alpha, bravo, zeta, one-niner-six. Execute."

A-Cee 2

A-Cee prior to self-destructing

Shortly afterward, A-Cee was shot and captured by the bounty hunter Slyder prior to escaping the Star of Empire. Upon reactivation aboard Governor Dol Donar's yacht, the droid's photoreceptors picked up a Human wearing an Imperial uniform and initiated his self-destruct sequence. All aboard died, either shot by Slyder in the bounty hunter's desperation, or killed in the explosion of four point two kilos of plitex nine.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the audio adaptation of Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire, A-Cee is voiced by Tim Russell.



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