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A. W. Bruna is a publishing company that printed the earliest Dutch translations of the Star Wars novels. J. M. Meulenhoff and Uitgeverij M eventually took over the publication of Star Wars books in the Netherlands.

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Star Wars bibliographyEdit

English Title Dutch Title ISBN Release Date Pages Format
Han Solo at Stars' End Han Solo in Stars' End ISBN 9022919366 1980
Han Solo's Revenge De Wraak van Han Solo ISBN 9022919374 1980
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Strijd Tussen de Sterren ISBN 9022990796 1977 251
Splinter of the Mind's Eye Gevangenen van de Oerwoudplaneet ISBN 9022991075 1979
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Wraak uit het Heelal ISBN 9022975533 1980 192
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi De Terugkeer van de Jedi ISBN 9022953343 1983 193 Hardcover
Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi De Terugkeer van de Jedi ISBN 9044921207 1983 192
Galaxy of Fear: Eaten Alive Galaxy van de Angst: Levend Verslonden ISBN 904492754X 1998 143 Paperback
Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead Galaxy van de Angst: Stad van de Dood ISBN 9044927558 1998 158 Paperback
Galaxy of Fear: Planet Plague Galaxy van de Angst: Vreselijk Virus ISBN 9044927604 1998 128 Paperback
Galaxy of Fear: The Nightmare Machine Galaxy van de Angst: De Nachtmerriemachine ISBN 9044927620 1998 127 Paperback

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