The A2 Accounting/Business Unit was an accountant droid produced by Genetech Corporation during the time of the Galactic Empire. Its market price was AurebeshSans-Serif credit 8000 credits.


The droid was labeled as an efficient business unit, and an upgrade of the A1 series business droid. Originally intended to work on corporate level billing sheets, small business owners soon found that a defect in the A2's SkillWare caused it to continually blunder smaller business ledgers. There was also the fact that the A2 made a terrible business negotiator due to several bugs on its personality modules that were never truly fixed by Genetech's programmers.

Genetech did eventually provide a patch fixing these instabilities, but a lack of company-to-consumer communication caused few beings to actually use or install the patch. Nefarious members of the underworld and corporate spies would openly sell the A2 line to rivals to either launder money or drive their competitors out of business.

Despite the malfunctions that were attributed to the model, the Corporate Sector and several other wealthy customers from the Core saw the value of the droid as an accounting tool for large-scale operations bought up much of the production line, putting them to work in the A2's intended natural work environment.



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