"The biggest problem with A3AA is its lack of physical protection."

The A3AA personal defense module was a personal armor developed by Corellian Technologies.


The A3AA personal defense module was a personal armor designed to protect the wearer. The suit alone did provide limited protection against damage.[1]

Through a micro-nozzle spray system, the A3AA sprayed a mixture of refined courenth with trace amounts of ves at command. This generated a five-meter-diameter cloud around the user. Any charged energy beam—including blaster bolts and lasers—touching the cloud was automatically dispersed, saving the wearer from being damaged by it. The cloud would last for four minutes, or less if wind conditions were unfavorable.[1]

An optional setting directed the cloud in a 30-degree conical shape in front of the wearer. In this case, the protection was such that the user could walk toward people shooting at the user.[1]


"Sure, it'll dispel a blaster shot just fine, but as soon as I realize I'm up against someone with this kind or [sic] armor, I start firing a slugthrower or lobbing grenades."
―Homack, on the A3AA[src]

Corellian Technologies developed the A3AA based on an idea by Rebel General Airen Cracken, written down in his field guide for Rebel soldiers. The A3AA was an expensive item commonly available to Imperial-aligned bounty hunters[1] or to covert troops[2] during the Galactic Civil War.[1] It was also available through Gundark's Gear Datalog, the illegal database of the arms dealer Gundark. Homack, a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, believed that the A3AA was ineffective against slugthrowers or grenades, and posted about this on the Datalog.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The A3AA personal defense module was first mentioned in the supplement Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters (1994), written by Rick D. Stuart for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Its stats were repeated, along with new information, in Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal Gear (1997), written for the same game. Gundark's Fantastic Technology repeats all the information from Galaxy Guide, adding the part of covert troops using it, hyphenating the description of the cloud diameter, and providing a post by Homack. The stats specify that the cloud could only be used thrice. The suit provided high protection against physical attacks such as slugthrowers or grenades, no matter what Homack said, but it lowered the user's dexterity.


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