The A519 Invader close support starfighter was a starfighter manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards.



Two A519 Invaders supporting a Nemesis-class patrol ship.

The A519 was designed for close support during planetary invasion, space station or capital ship boarding, and escorting dropships and assault shuttles.[1]

The Invader was armed with two twin laser cannons, and they could be configured to fire in a focused area for more damage. It was equipped with heavy-duty shielding and hardened alloy armor plating to improve its toughness. This made the Invader very durable, but much less maneuverable making it vulnerable to top-of-the-line starfighters.[1]


It was initially marketed toward mercenaries and law enforcement, but it quickly found its way into the fleets of pirates and Black Sun forces.[1]



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