The A9G-series Data Storage Unit was a humanoid droid produced by Industrial Automaton during the time of the Galactic Empire. The market cost for such a unit normally was around 8,000 credits if the droid was second-hand.


A9G-series Droid-WEG

The A9G was originally produced to be the ultimate information and data administrator; however, the line did not perform as well as expected.

Industrial Automaton intended the A9G to work in corporations or municipalities that oversaw huge data networks. Unfortunately, when the A9G was situated in those circumstances, the droid suffered many glitches that made data retrieval and sorting impossible.

It was later discovered that the skill package installed in the A9G, while suffering faults in larger networks, excelled in smaller networks. One would argue that small networks could be maintained by an organic administrator, but the A9G was praised by cash-strapped small businesses. The A9G also found its way into the hands, at a discounted rate, of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, where it was used to sort and categorize intelligence from field agents.

There were several popular modifications for this droid. The most common was to convert the droid into a field medic by replacing its database with a medical database, and adding medical scanners to its photoreceptors. These droids were often equipped with a medikit.


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