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AC Series pilot droids were the precursor to the RX-Series pilot droid that worked for the Star Tours company. An AC Series pilot droid piloted the StarSpeeder 1000 sometime between 19 BBY and 0 BBY.[2]

AC series droids had a reputation for being the best third-degree droids in the market and the most confident, competent and friendly.[3]


AC-series pilot droids were humanoid in shape, versus the three-armed, cylinder bodied RX-Series—another brand of pilot droids used by Star Tours. The AC head was helmet-shaped and flattened on the front side, with a round speaker and a pair of yellow photoreceptors. They were equipped with a breakthrough Intellidor 8 droid brain, advanced articulations, a set of DV 24 robotic hands and a disc-shaped power recharge socket on the torso.[1]

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