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"I don't care about the Separatists. Or the Republic. I don't care who is right or who is wrong. I only care that this war goes on so that my services are needed and I can be paid for them. Conscience does not drive my decision-making. Only credits."
―AD-W4, to Mace Windu[src]

AD-W4, also referred to as Ay-Dee, was a mercenary droid that General Grievous hired to oversee the Separatists operations on the planet Hissrich during the Clone Wars. AD-W4 was ultimately dismantled and destroyed after a duel with Jedi Master Mace Windu on Hissrich. He was known for his literal worship of credits.


Shortly after the beginning of the Clone Wars, AD-W4 was approached by the cyborg General Grievous, the supreme commander of the Separatist droid armies. Grievous hired Ay-Dee to oversee the Separatist operations on the planet Hissrich, a job the droid mercenary only accepted after Grievous noted that there would likely be someone, probably Jedi, to kill during the mission.[4]

While in Hissrich, AD-W4 first heard of the Jedi's arrival when they ambushed one of the droid patrols. AD-W4 learned of this when a B1 battle droid reported it to him.[3] Later on, Rissa Mano accidentally activated a droid scout, which gave AD-W4 the chance to set up an ambush for the four Jedi. During the ambush on the Hissrich operation, AD-W4 faced the Jedi Master Mace Windu in single combat. The robot mercenary eventually bested him for a few seconds and escaped. He attempted to increase his credit amount by lying to General Grievous about besting and killing Windu. To this Grievous asked for Windu's lightsaber as proof, which forced AD-W4 to take further action against the Jedi. Although Ay-Dee bested Windu the first time,[2] Windu managed to critically wound Ay-Dee with his lightsaber during the second duel. Realizing that he had lost, AD-W4 detached his head from his body in an attempt to escape, but Windu managed to blow up AD-W4's head using the Force.[1]


AD-W4 was a tall, fearsome droid of an unknown model, with red sensors and purple plating with red markings. He was a greedy mercenary who literally worshiped credits, which he regarded as the one true ruler of the galaxy.[3] He was also sadistic and bloodthirsty, and was, according to General Grievous, known for having a "flare for the dramatic."[4]

Ay-dee was disdainful of the Jedi Order, regarding its members as arrogant and their beliefs—particularly their commitment to peace— as asinine.[2] He also disliked the Separatist battle droids he was assigned to command, viewing them as stupid and totally expendable, an attitude not unlike that of his final client, General Grievous.[4]


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