The AJP-400 Hush-About personal jet pack also known as the AJP-400 was a jetpack produced by Arakyd Aerodynes, Inc..[1]

Capable of carrying three hundred kilograms for five hundred meters horizontally and two hundred meters vertically per charge, the AJP-400 had ten charges fully powered and could run on continuous charge-feed for a maximum range of five kilometers.[1]

Possessing a lightweight and streamlined design for increased portability, the AJP-400 was designed for travel in urban environments where noise ordinances would prohibit standard rocket and jetpack use.[1] Because of this, the AJP-400 was equipped with specially designed sound baffling and auditory dampeners; ensuring virtually silent operation and flight.[1]

The Galactic Empire used the AJP-400's around 0 ABY.



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