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Fives in ARC trooper armor during the early Clone Wars days

ARC trooper armor was the kit issued to the Grand Army of the Republic's elite ARC troopers and, during the initial days of the Clone Wars, was an early model of the Phase II clone trooper armor, field tested by said troopers.

The kit consisted of what appeared to be baseline Phase I clone trooper armor with additional grey protective plating on the forearms, lower legs, and torso. In addition to having various ammunition pouches, it was also equipped with a pauldron and a kama as well as a survival pack. The most unique feature about the kit was its helmet, which was seemingly a prototype of the Phase II helmet that retained the Phase I helmet's characteristic fin.[1]

When the Phase II armor became standard issue to all clone troopers in the later days of the Clone Wars, the kit's baseline Phase I armor and unique helmet were replaced by its successors.[2]

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