AS-X-DB was a type of missile developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.


The marking found on cases of anti-starfighter missiles was identified by Republic intelligence agent Joram Kithe and clone trooper Tooth while investigating Tur Lorkin's spaceport during the Pengalan IV operation. Joram Kithe translated the acronym as Anti-Starfighter, Experimental, Diamond Boron. These missiles were deemed dangerous enough by the Galactic Republic to give the Confederacy the upper hand in the Clone wars.

According to clone trooper Wrench, these prototype missiles had "very simple control interfaces, a choice of targeting criteria, multiple detonation options and no security", allowing for easy bypassing of the controls. Wrench actually managed to wire the controls to his helmet.

Behind the scenesEdit

The missiles were never actually shown destroying starfighters, as they were still in the test stages at the time of the Pengalan IV. They probably never got to be fully developed after the factory producing them was destroyed by Jorma Kithe's commando. However, one of these missiles was shown to be powerful enough to destroy a shielded droideka and a set of blast doors in one shot.


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