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AT-RT Driver

An AT-RT driver in Phase II armor

AT-RT driver, also known as AT-RT scouts, were clone troopers specially trained to pilot AT-RT walkers onto the battlefield.



An AT-RT driver on his AT-RT.

AT-RT drivers wore standard clone trooper armor that had smaller shoulder pads and a specialized helmet. Their helmet featured a boosted-range comlink for when they were operating separate from their walkers. Also, to aid in their patrol and scouting duties, they often carried a circular lifeform scanner attached to the strap of the large gun slung over their back. They carried weapons such as a DC-15A blaster rifle, a DC-15S, and a number of thermal detonators. AT-RT drivers of the 7th Sky Corps wore unique orange and white armor. Some AT-RT drivers were known to carry large weapons slung over their back in addition to their DC-15 rifles.


AT-RT drivers replaced ARF troopers shortly before Episode 3. AT-RT drivers in the 41st Elite Corps[1] saw action during the Battle of Kashyyyk, while others, like the 91st Reconnaissance Corps[2] served in many other battles in the Clone Wars. AT-RT drivers of the 501st Legion were also present during the a battle on Umbara, and later on Kiros. After the implementation of Order 66, these troops helped hunt down surviving Wookiees and Jedi on Kashyyyk.


212th AT-RT

An AT-RT driver, part of the 212th Attack Battalion


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